Shrink-solder-connector with inside adhesive, red

$41.90 AUD

Shrink-solder-connector with inner adhesive, red

soldering sleeve installed in adhesive-coated, radiation-crosslinked polyolefin shrink tubing

The simple, fast solution for tension-resistant, moisture-proof cable connections. Simply insert the appropriately stripped cables into the suitable connector and then melt the solder ring with a hot air gun. Then heat the connector with the hot air gun until the adhesive emerges at the ends.

Colour: red
Shrinkage rate 3:1
I-Ø (min.) mm: 4,5
I-Ø (max.) mm: 1,4
Wall thickness mm: 1,1
Sleeve length mm: 5,0
Total length mm: 35
For cable cross section from to: 0,5 – 1,5 mm2

Sold as: 25 pieces

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