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HIGHSIDER CAN-BUS resistor CBW1 with DIP switches.

Our newly developed HIGHSIDER CAN-BUS resistor CBW1 is suitable for most vehicles equipped with a CAN-BUS system.

The resistor CBW1 provides a required electrical load for your vehicle, which, if the DIP switches are set correctly, does not lead to an error message in the cockpit with accessory turn signals.

In addition, reliability is ensured. This means:
If the accessory indicators fail due to an electronic defect, an error message is immediately displayed in the cockpit.

Up to 2 channels can be operated, such as rear left indicators and rear right indicators.
If 2 pairs of indicators (VL,VR,HL,HR) are to be replaced, 2 x CBW1 are required.

What requirements must be met for the use of the CBW1 on the vehicle:
LED indicators were installed on the vehicle in their original condition.
The vehicle has a CAN-BUS system.

If none of the requirements are met, the CBW1 cannot be installed (!).), then we recommend the following resistors for the vehicle:
For flashers with 21 Watt
6.8 Ohm article number 207-025
10 Ohm article number 207-028

>For flashers with 10 Watt
27 Ohm article number 207-020

The following resistance values can be set:
150 Ohm
170 Ohm
200 Ohm
240 Ohm
300 Ohm
400 Ohm
600 Ohm
1200 Ohm

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