HIGHSIDER AKRON-FLASH LED handlebar end indicator/position light

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With these 2in1 handlebar end turn signals, HIGHSIDER again shows a real flair for outstanding design and best functionality. The ultra-bright flashing signal lights of the latest generation from HIGHSIDER, with adjustable flashing angle, provide unmistakable directional indication. The handlebar end turn signals are simply beautiful with tinted glass, high-quality CNC-milled aluminium housing and characteristic cap. So harmoniously packaged, the front direction indicators literally disappear from the vehicle when not in use. Easy to mount thanks to clamping system with different sleeves. Universal fit for 7/8, 1 inch or X-Bar tube handlebars with an inner diameter of 12 to 22 mm. The cables are laid in the handlebars and have a good length of about 100 cm to lay. Look forward to the HIGHSIDER AKRON-FLASH LED handlebar end indicator / position light combination, which is in no way ordinary.

Setting the tone – with the innovative turn signal series from HIGHSIDER you not only show where you want to go, but also who you are. This is trend-setting design at its best.

Accessory TIP:
The optionally available HIGHSIDER PL CONTROL- BOX CB2 switches the position light off during the flashing process and goes on again after the flashing process (with a small delay).

Width: 36 mm
Diameter: 34.5 mm
Cable length: approx. 1000 mm
Angle of the light modules continuously adjustable by 26°.

Power consumption: 13.5V, 0.27A, 3.65W and 13.5V, 0.11A 1.49W
Yellow cable = turn signal (+)
White cable = position light (+)
Black cable = ground (-)

Scope of delivery: 1 pair
2 x clamping sleeves Ø 13 mm, Ø 16 mm
3 x centering ring
2 x central screw M6 with mounting ring for the HIGHSIDER AKRON-FLASH, and cone nut M6.

For the correct flashing timing resistors or a flasher relay may be necessary.

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