Kellermann Handlebar end indicator BL 2000 Dark

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BL 2000 Dark with strongly tinted glass
Made in Germany
ECE-tested for front
Tinted, ring-shaped glass spectacularly bright
Beautiful handlebar end with flashing function
Blinker disappears optically when not in use
Kellermann HighPower LED technology
Long Life Protection Guard®, IC controlled, 330 kHz clocked
High-quality metal housing
Suitable for 12 Volt on-board power supplies
The BL 2000 extends the dark design line by a small handlebar end indicator, which closes the handlebar beautifully. Its tinted, ring-shaped turn signal lens blends discreetly into the black metal housing.
The inconspicuous turn signal on a motorcycle shows its true size when in use and surprises with its strikingly bright turn signal. This is achieved by using the latest development stage of Kellermann HighPower LED technology. Included in delivery are the necessary adapters for attachment to all common handlebars*.


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