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HIGHSIDER Mirror STEALTH -X4 with LED indicator & position light

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HIGHSIDER mirror STEALTH -X4 with LED indicator & position light, E-approved

To attract attention in traffic!
Position lights are a proven means to be seen by other road usersto become. The silhouette of the bike will be optically broadened and thus the recognizability improved. For this reason we have equipped our STEALTH -X4 mirror with an LED indicator and a brightLED position light combined. Usually the lighting is integrated in the mirror head, but we have embedded the lighting elegantly in the mirror arm in an unconventional way. The characteristicStealth Design known from military stealth technology additionally distinguishes the shapely and high-quality manufactured mirror. Combined with the colour matt black, the mirror headmade of high-quality plastic with its angular elements a striking charisma. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials, the STEALTH series from HIGHSIDER belongs to the weight class ofFlyweights. The screw connection to the handlebar fittings is made via black coated adapters (M10x1.25) with aluminium locknut and is therefore suitable for most models on the market.For Yamaha models with left-hand thread a corresponding adapter is included in the delivery. An adjustable joint provides additional adjustment possibilities for the STEALTH -X4.

character andOverview – whether retro or modern. The HIGHSIDER mirror series are characterized by characteristic design and aerodynamic function. That is prudence in perfection.

A: widthHead: 119 mm
B: Height of head: 90 mm
C: Total width: 175 mm
D: Total height: 170 mm
D: Total height: 144 mm up to the bend, from the bend 44 mm up to the joint, then another 40 mm up to the threaded bolt.
Back hole: M8 x 1.25 mm
Adapter: M10 x 1.25 mm

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