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Cult-Werk Lower Fork Cover Kit 18-UP M8 FXBR

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Suits 18-UP M8 FXBR Models

Suitable for all Harley-Davidson ® Breakout models from year of construction 2018. With this 2-piece fork cover kit from Cult-Werk you can hide the lower fork tubes below the fork bridge. This way, the chrome-plated fork tubes are covered and the entire fork appears beefier and completely black! The covers are attached using hidden setscrews and thus center themselves on the fork tubes. This ensures a secure hold of the cover. To ensure that the gaps between the covers and the fork bridge are exactly parallel, the covers were provided with the same slants as the fork bridge.

Our covers are made of high-quality aluminum and are milled on the latest 5-axis machining centers and then powder-coated in black gloss. This guarantees absolutely the highest quality! Installation is very simple, the cover is only pushed over the fork tube and screwed tight. This Gable Cover Kit is suitable for the original front fender and for custom fenders.

All parts required for assembly are included!


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